Funny Happy Birthday Wishes May 2022

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes
Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Every year, we wish those around us a Happy birthday. It’s not easy figuring out what to say when someone’s birthday rolls around. You know they want something happy and funny, but you don’t want to make it too corny.

Every birthday is an important milestone. It’s a day to celebrate, to relax and to have fun. And to make it a whole lot merrier you need to send funny happy birthday wishes to your loved ones. In fact, funny wishes are the best way to celebrate someone’s birthday.

All the pressure! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these great (and proven!) birthday jokes that you can use in your next card or email. The best part about these jokes? Everybody loves them!

This blog will help you in finding the best funny happy birthday wishes. Just read on to find some wishes that you can send to your friends and family.

Here are some great ways to do so:

Short Funny Birthday Wishes in One Line

  • Happy Birthday! May you live to be old and toothless.
  • Another year closer to getting those senior citizen seats on buses! Happy birthday.
  • Another birthday comes by with more candles on your cake and less hairs on your head!
  • I hope you enjoy your birthday just like when you were born in this world. Without clothes.
  • Happy birthday man, and if someone calls you old, whack him with your walking stick.
  • Happy birthday and welcome to the ’29 years old forever’ club!
  • Happy birthday! They say age is just a number. For you, it’s a really really big number.
  • Happy birthday! They say age is just a number. For you, it’s a really really big number.
  • When you were little, how did you blow out your birthday candles? You know, since fire wasn’t discovered yet?
  • Happy birthday! On the bright side, your birthday cake is going to be HUGE to fit all the candles.
  • Thanks for always being older than me. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the coolest person I know…with a cane!
  • Go crazy and have that second cup of pudding, it’s your birthday!
  • Happy birthday old man! You’re not just over the hill, I’m not sure you can even see it in your rearview mirror!
  • Want to go out for your birthday! I promise I’ll have you back for your 8pm bedtime!
  • Happy birthday old fart! Hope your birthday doesn’t stink!
  • I know you don’t like birthdays, but, good news, there probably aren’t many left. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! They say that with age comes wisdom. That must make you the wisest person in the world!
  • Hey, I found a picture of your childhood home. Happy birthday old man!
  • Happy birthday! Cash that Social Security check and let’s go crazy!
  • You’re finally old enough where your hair loss is no longer premature. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Make sure to pace yourself blowing out your candles today! You’ve got a lot, don’t want to get lightheaded!
  • Hey, think you can get us all the senior discount at the restaurant tonight? Happy birthday!
  • Know those people that age gracefully? One of them would like to wish you happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Don’t worry about getting old, you look great…for your age!
  • You’re not old, you’re a classic. Happy birthday!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother May 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase “Brothers by birth, Best Friends by choice”? It’s a common saying for friends since day one. But what about brothers? Do you like to call your siblings “best friends?” There are many different ways to go about celebrating the day that’s in honor of your brother. You can give him a funny birthday wish or tell him that he deserves his day in the spotlight. (Funny Birthday Wishes for Older/Big Brother, Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger/Little Brother)

  • Happy birthday to the little brother that never grew up!
  • You asked for it… here is “nothing”. You’re welcome! Happy birthday.
  • I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a brother who is smart, funny, witty, charming… and reminds me a lot of myself!
  • You’re finally 21! Now you can legally do all those things that you’ve been doing since you were 16! Happy birthday!
  • Today, we are celebrating mom and dad’s second favorite kid: my brother! Happy birthday!
  • Are you still “little brother” if you’re bigger than me? Happy birthday!
  • Of all the mistakes mom and dad made, you’re my favorite! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday bro! May your day be more beautiful than a unicorn farting rainbows!
  • Happy birthday little brother! Thanks for letting me pick on you growing up (not that you had a choice).
  • You were the cutest brother when you were little. What happened? Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Who would have thought that the little boy in high heels and lipstick would grow up to be so handsome!
  • Happy birthday! They say good things get better with age…except you. I liked you better as a baby!
  • You say I’m a protective sister, but I’m just…yeah, I guess you’re right. Happy birthday!
  • We may fight like cats and dogs, but I love you like an irritating younger brother. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday little brother! I’d make a joke about your age, but I’m older than you!
  • Mom and dad’s favorite child would like to wish their little brother happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday younger brother! Know why you’re so successful? You had a great example to follow – me!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister May 2022

A sister is a bond that never breaks. A sister is someone who will be in your life for a lifetime, or in some cases for just a short time. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate that bond and send them off with a laugh. Here are some funny birthday wishes for sisters: (Funny Birthday Wishes for Older/Big sister, Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger/Little sister)

  • No one can make me laugh like you do – especially when I look at your face. Happy Birthday
  • Happy birthday, sis, I am political enough to remember your birth date but to forget your age.
  • “Today, we celebrate the birth of Mom and Dad’s second-favorite child: my sister. Happy birthday, sis!”
  • The best part of being your sister is having a best friend that is almost as pretty as me. Best wishes on your birthday!
  • One more step closer to Alzheimer‘s, sis? Don‘t worry! Sometimes it’s good don’t remember things you don’t want.
  • I know you would have been so happy if I said, “you are aging so beautifully”. But sadly. Lying is not one of my good qualities. Happy Birthday!
  • I could write a million songs about your grace and elegance – but mother always taught us not to lie.
  • Do you know why you are my favorite sister? Because you are dumb and you don’t even know it. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • Happy birthday to you! You look like a Chimpanzee, and you belong in a zoo! There you go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!
  • Out of all of siblings life has blessed me with you’re my favorite because only you can see the humor in receiving an empty box as a gift.
  • Happy Birthday Sister. As a kid, you were a lioness. But with the rising age, you’re becoming a lazy cat.
  • Enjoy your birthday this year to the fullest because who knows, after a few years, you might feel ashamed of your true age. Happy Birthday!
  • You know you get the most attention, right? So what exactly is the point of a whole day dedicated to you? Anyways, happy Birthday!
  • To the sibling I am least embarrassed to be related to! Or am I? Happy Birthday
  • You possess all of my good qualities but better, if such a thing is even possible!
  • Happy birthday to my crazy, funny, and quirky younger sister! You’re lucky to have a cool elder sister like me to keep you sane!
  • Do you know, you are the luckiest person in the world, sis? Wondering why and how? Just because you have ME. I know, I‘m cool. Wish you to be the same. !
  • On your big day, I wish that your failures be as few as the teeth of our grandfather!
  • Usually, wisdom comes along with age. It looks like you haven’t reached that age yet, so celebrate your birthday as crazy as it is possible! Happy birthday, sister!
  • Take two pieces of cake, one in each hand and you’ll be on a balanced diet. I wish you always be happy and skinny, my lovely beautiful sister!
  • Happy birthday, sis! I love everything about you, no matter you’re with makeup or not, because those panda’s eyes are right for you. You look sweet. Congratulations!
  • This year I decided to get you the type of gifts any beautiful young woman could use – a taser, pepper spray and pocket knife.
  • I never thought that having a little sister would be similar to taking care of a tiny monkey, but I would never have it any other way.
  • Today’s the day mom found you in a dustbin. You’ve grown up, but the smell just won’t go away. Happy Birthday to mom’s second favorite child.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son May 2022

No matter how old your son is, there are always those moments when you look at them and think about the happiness they have brought to your lives. Birthdays are a perfect time for a parent to express their gratitude for all the ways that their son has made them laugh and loved them. Even if you can’t always say what you want, use these birthday wishes for sons that won’t break the bank to show him how much he means to you.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, we get the “parents of the year” award, and it’s all thanks to you.
  • Happy birthday to an awesome son who has a beautiful mother, handsome father and rock star parents!
  • Happy Birthday to the King of Sons! From your servants, Mum and Dad.
  • I smile because you are my son… I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!
  • Wow, look at you adulting all over the place!
  • Mothers of little boys work. From son up until son down.
  • I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t have birthdays anymore, I level up!
  • You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.
  • One thing you can look forward to as you get older is that you’ll look as good and amazing as your parents. Happy birthday son!
  • We are forever in debt to you for giving us so many opportunities to learn tolerance and patience. Happy birthday my son!
  • Happy birthday to my SUPERSON, it takes one to know one.
  • Every year, I notice you growing taller and taller. At least in some aspect, you are “growing up”. *sigh* Well, I am happy nonetheless. Happy birthday, son.
  • You know who was a luckier father than me? Well, my father. But I am lucky enough too, so thank you. Happy birthday, dear son. May the force be with you.
  • You have always wanted us to treat you as an adult, so this birthday we decided to grant your wish. The cleaning and chores are all yours this year. You’re welcome!
  • This year you seem to be exhibiting some signs of actually growing up. It’s a miracle! I’m just kidding, and I hope that your year is filled with all sorts of splendidly childish things that captivate you in every way.
  • You have been a great son to us so far. But you know, there is still some room for improvement. So try, will you? If not, it is fine too; we are great at adjusting. Happy birthday, son. Live long and prosper.
  • Every year, you are becoming more handsome, more smart and more awesome. It almost looks like you are trying to become like me! Well, hope your wishes come true.Happy birthday, my lovely son.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter May 2022

Every little girl has their perfect daydreams about their upcoming birthday. They’ll spend hours imagining what gifts they’ll get, how many presents they can open at once and if there will be a sleepover after the party. It’s her birthday! What better way to celebrate than with a hilarious little pun? These are some of the best funny birthday wishes for daughter.

  • The year you start lying about your age has finally arrived. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • You might think this card is late, but somewhere around the world it’s still your birthday. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.
  • I regret to inform you, but your childhood has expired. Happy 18th Birthday, daughter!
  • Every day you make me proud. But today you get a card. Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more of them live longer. Have a great one!
  • I smile because you’re my daughter. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, you’re an adult at last. (So pack your bags, we’ve rented out your room.)
  • We were going to write you a really nice poem for your twenty-first, but we couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with “21”. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • Happy 40th,, wait, happy 18th with 22 years of experience!
  • A little bit of wisdom for you as you get older: The secret to staying young is make up… make up an age, then stick with it! Happy Birthday daughter
  • Happy Birthday to my daughter! One thing you can look forward to as you get older is growing up to be as awesome as your parents!
  • To our daughter on her birthday: Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, we didn’t get you one.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mother May 2022

A lot of people say that mothers are the greatest gift to mankind. That sentiment was echoed by the wise philosopher Gertrude Stein who said “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” Whether that sentiment is true or not, it’s no secret that mothers are special to their children. As a result, birthdays are an occasion when any child will want to show their mother how much they appreciate her.

  • Happy birthday mom, and by the way thanks for making me this good looking!
  • Here’s to many more years of me driving you insane. Happy birthday mom.
  • Wishing my mom the very best birthday, from your little terror.
  • Mom, you deserve the greatest, most expensive gifts in the world, but I have no money so this message is all you’re getting.
  • Mom, I hope you have many gifts today and lots of birthday cake, but don’t eat too much, you don’t want your weight to be the same as your age.
  • Studies have shown that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live, and you’ve had a lot! Happy birthday mom.
  • Happy birthday mom, thanks for always being much older than me.
  • Mom, you are so old you must have had a dinosaur for a pet. Happy birthday from your little T-rex.
  • I always forget birthdays, but I could never forget yours. Happy birthday mom.
  • Happy birthday to my lovely mother, let’s hope we carry on sending each other crazy for the rest of our lives.
  • Happy birthday to mom, on your birthday you should shine but to me, you will always be a star.
  • You always took care of me, and I will always take care of you until they put you in a home. Happy birthday to my mom.
  • Don’t let your age get you down, you’re one more year closer to getting a letter from the queen. Happy birthday mommy.
  • I am not a perfect daughter. In the years that passed, I have caused you a lot of pain and heartaches. I hope you won’t ever get tired of me. Wonderful birthday.
  • You know you’re getting old when you have more candles on your cake than wrinkles on your face. Just kidding. Happy birthday, Mum.
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of candles on your cake. It won’t trigger the fire alarm yet. Next year, maybe! Happy birthday Mom!
  • Dear Mom, here’s wishing you the happiest of birthdays today! From, your favorite child (who is also the smartest, most handsome, and funniest)
  • Happy birthday, Mom! Here’s to you… and birthday cake!
  • Happy Birthday, mom! I’m so happy that you look so good because these genes give me a rocking good look!
  • You are a special woman because all women give birth to ordinary children, but you gave birth to a legend! Happy birthday!
  • I’ve been thinking about a funny and charming present for your birthday for a long time, but then I’ve remembered that you have me already. Happy Birthday, mom!
  • Mom, you know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake! Happy birthday from your favorite child!
  • We want you to have a wonderful birthday, Mom. So as your gift, we are sending Dad away on extended vacation.
  • Happy birthday to a mom who still looks good enough to have creepy men ask us if we’re sisters.
  • I knew exactly what you wanted for your birthday this year. Me… out of the house for a day. Happy birthday, Mom!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Father May 2022

Fatherhood can be a difficult job, but it is a job that is worth the effort. Being a father is not just about providing stability and guidance, it also includes being an entertainer. Making your father laugh on his birthday will be appreciated by both you and him. Here are some humorous birthday wishes for fathers to help you get started:

  • Every dad is a good and loving dad. But don’t ask him for pocket money. Wishing happy birthday dad!
  • Dad is always your friend until you tell him your all secrets and he becomes your father. Wishing happy birthday dear dad!
  • Congratulations on the 38rd anniversary of your 18th birthday! You are still so young, Dad.
  • Dad, as you’re getting older, give your brain some rest and stop commanding us at least today. Yes, it’s a joke. Happy birthday, cool dad!
  • Dad, I know you have the heart of a child. But stop trying to steal a bite of the cake before we sing happy birthday.
  • Dad, I love you. I also just want to wish that . . . you keep your wallet open for your loving daughter/son. Enjoy this special day. Happy birthday!
  • Dad, I think it may be time to ditch your lighter. You need to have a flamethrower for lighting so many candles. Happy birthday, old man!
  • Dad, you’re not 52—you are only 22, with 32 years of experience! Happy birthday!
  • Dearest Dad: I wish for nothing but a lifetime of smiles for you on your birthday . . . as long as you still have teeth. Happy birthday to you!
  • Even though we’re all supposed to have the same genes, you still look great, Dad. Happy birthday to one good looking man
  • Even though we’re all supposed to have the same genes, you still look great, Dad. Happy birthday to one good looking man!
  • Father, make sure you eat as much cake as possible. No, not because it’s your birthday, but because soon you won’t have the real teeth to do so. Happy birthday to you!
  • Finally, the big day has arrived after a long 12 months later. Happy birthday, dad! I hope your next birthday will not take too much time to arrive. Have a great birthday!
  • Happy birthday dad. As you are nearing retirement you are getting more handsome and good humored than ever. Hope you continue to be a source of inspiration for all.
  • Happy birthday to my biggest protector. Thank you for fighting all the monsters hiding under my bed and in my closet, and for making me feel safe and loved. I love you, Dad!
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful father. May your golf swing improve, your steaks always be perfectly cooked, and your chair always be comfy!
  • Happy birthday to our family’s own personal search engine. Thanks for always having an answer to any question we had!
  • Happy birthday to the most important man in my life! Don’t believe anyone who says that you look evergreen because they just want to make fun of you.
  • Happy birthday, Dad! Oh, and thanks for giving me life and these amazing genes.
  • Here’s a fun fact—no, not that you’re getting older. Just that you’re starting to look even funnier. Here’s to more bad jokes and a happy birthday to you, Dad!
  • Here’s to you on your birthday, Dad, and every gray hair on your head. After all, I helped to contribute to those. Happy birthday!
  • I couldn’t find any word that matches with “elder” and so couldn’t write a poem for you on your birthday. It’s a joke! Happy birthday, dad!
  • I didn’t put the candles on the cake intentionally otherwise everyone got to know your real age. Just joking! Happy birthday, dad!
  • I’m really glad I got your genes, dad. You are as great as you ever were and probably getting better! I’m looking forward to aging as well as you!
  • I’ve been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for you . . . but I couldn’t think anything funny. Happy birthday!
  • Millions of people are celebrating their birthday today, and among all, I’ve chosen, your birthday party. Aren’t you feeling special now? Happy birthday, lucky dad!
  • My dear dad, I am not going to confess that I came here only to eat the cake . . . instead, I’ll just enjoy the cake and say happy birthday!funny birthday wishes for father
  • My dear dad, I am not going to confess that I came here only to eat the cake . . . instead, I’ll just enjoy the cake and say happy birthday!
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just make bad jokes. Thank you for being my hero, Dad. Happy birthday!
  • Now that I have kids of my own, I see how hard it is to be a good father. I just hope I can do as good a job at it as you did.
  • Some people never grow up. You are one of them. Ask mom if you don’t believe me. (Just kidding—happy birthday!)
  • The sad thing is, now you’ve entered to the age, where many foods are forbidden for your health but we all can have. LOL! Happy birthday, my superhero!
  • They say that with age comes wisdom. So, happy birthday to one of the wisest people I know!
  • We wanted to get you a cake with a candle for every year, but the fire department said it would be a fire hazard. Oh well, happy birthday anyway!
  • Wear your gray hairs proudly dad. They are memories of how terrible I was as a child. Thanks for not killing me dad.
  • With all you’ve done you deserve much more than just a card for your birthday. So I hope some of the other people here actually brought gifts.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend May 2022

The best way to make sure you make your girlfriend’s birthday special is by showing her how much she means to you. One way to do this is by showing her how happy and excited you are that her day is finally here. Though it’s easy for some of us, we know that many find the task of coming up with a witty and creative thing to say on social media difficult, but don’t worry! Here are best funny Happy Birthday wishes that your girlfriend will love.

  • Your choice to be with me proves your impeccable taste in people. Keep up the good work! Happy birthday, my girl.
  • Happy birthday, my girl! My heart beats faster every time you are near. Are you trying to give me a heart attack, my dear?
  • Happy birthday to my amazing and funny girlfriend. It’s no surprise we match each other so perfectly!
  • I promise to love you forever, even when it’s soccer season. Happy birthday, my princess!
  • Before I met you, I used to think of so many things; now, I only think of you. Thank you for affecting my brain. Happy birthday, my darling!
  • Everyone thinks we are perfect together because they don’t know how crazy you are. Oops, I mean crazily beautiful! Happy birthday, my darling!
  • Hey birthday girl, you are my favorite thing in the world, apart from food, of course. Happy birthday, babe!
  • I thought I was weird until I met you. Then I knew what weird really is! Happy birthday, my cute weirdo!
  • Babe, I think you are a blockbuster movie because I want to watch you on repeat. Happy birthday!
  • Every time I walk into the room, it feels like I am in a designer boutique because, darling, you look terrific in any dress. Happy birthday, my fashionista!
  • You must be a magnet; I keep getting pulled towards you all the time. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • It is impossible for me to ever forget your birthday, honey; I know you will kill me if I do. Just kidding! Happy birthday, my love!
  • Do you know how lucky you are? You have the best boyfriend in the world! Even if you forget, I will always keep reminding you. Happy birthday, my lucky girl!
  • Happy birthday, babe. You are one of the best girlfriends I have ever had. Oops! I mean, you are my best girlfriend forever! I love you. Happy birthday, my dear!
  • Hey darling, will you lend me a kiss? I promise to return it with interest and also grant your birthday wish. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • You must be a blanket; you make me feel warm and cuddly. Happy birthday, my darling!
  • Happy birthday, babe! I love you more than anything! Even more than a pizza. But please don’t make me prove it. Love you, darling!
  • Can I change your name to “Asthma”? Because you always leave me breathless. Happy birthday, my lifeline!
  • You don’t need to hit the gym anymore because you are constantly running through my mind. Happy birthday, my love!
  • Are you math? Because you add meaning to my life and subtract pizza from my plate. Just kidding! Happy birthday, my love.
  • Let’s call the fire brigade because, girl, you are on fire today. Happy birthday, babe!
  • Thank God I found someone who looks at me like she looks at chocolate cake. Happy birthday, my love!
  • By now you must know I love you because you are beautiful… I mean because you have a beautiful heart. Happy birthday, my girl!
  • Research says that kissing burns two calories per minute. Let’s burn your birthday calories together. Happy birthday, babe!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Her/Girls May 2022

  • Can’t tell you how cute you’ll look with all that cake on your face.
  • I hope you keep smiling till you have teeth.
  • It’s true that you look like a duck but today I see a swan.
  • I hope you forgive me for eating your lunch, I couldn’t stop myself after all it was your birthday cake.
  • I promise I’ll be a good boy, until I get your birthday treat.
  • Come one show me your smile, you still look young to me.
  • Lest sing and dance, we can bare your voice today after all its your birthday.
  • You look so like my old grandma; just kidding she has more teeth.
  • If I could buy this world I would have for you, you know its not true many happy returns of the day!
  • I loved you once, ill love you twice and until you show your kitten smile.
  • May you keep smiling till you have teeth.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend May 2022

Sending a funny or happy birthday wish to your boyfriend can be a great way to show that you care. This article will list some ideas for sending a hilarious and fun message to your favorite man on his special day. You can tell him how much he means to you, or any other words of encouragement you feel he needs today. The idea is to make him laugh and remind him how much you love him.

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite boyfriend… Oops! I meant ONE AND ONLY boyfriend.
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, favorite pillow and foot warmer.
  • Happy Birthday, Sexy! I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend who is almost as good looking as me.
  • My sweet boyfriend, you’re going to need a lot of help blowing out your candles this year.
  • Congrats at becoming another year old but not wiser.
  • You should be smiling on your birthday, Honey! The more birthdays you have, the longer you’ll live.
  • I can’t find the cake underneath all these candles! Happy Birthday, old man.
  • Like a frog that turned to a prince, you hopped your way through my heart!
  • Congratulations on your 10,950th days alive. Happy 30th Birthday, Sweetie!
  • I am so glad to have a sweet boyfriend who is not concerned with material things. That’s why I kept your birthday budget low.
  • Don’t enjoy too much of your birthday cake. We all know that the older you get, the harder it is to lose those pounds.
  • Dear Boyfriend, I wanted to get you something special for your birthday but you already have the best gift ever… ME!
  • Here’s to another year of loving you despite your smelly farts and your dry sense of humor. Have a fantastic birthday!
  • It’s your day to make a wish! I don’t know what you could possibly wish for as I’m already yours but….Love Yours Truly
  • To the birthday boy, you’re getting up there in age. Don’t spend too much time counting your candles or you’ll get dizzy.
  • Congratulations for making it to another birthday!! Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya? Another year older, wiser and… I take that last part back. Another year older!
  • What do you, cheese, wine, and Harrison Ford have in common? They all get tastier and more badass with age! Cheers to another year older! Happy Birthday, boyfriend!
  • I love you more than I love Nutella……… and that’s a whole lot!!!!
  • Who needs gifts when you have an amazing girlfriend like myself? All you’ll ever need is found in me. Happy birthday!
  • If your heart was made of cheese I would wish to be a mouse. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend.
  • Sorry, babe, but I can’t help you blow out your candles today- you’ve taken all my breath away.
  • Sweetie, you are too hot to handle. I hope you enjoy being tied up and locked up for your birthday because I am just not willing to share.
  • You’re good looking like Channing Tatum, mysterious like Johnny Depp, and funny like Adam Sandler. I couldn’t ask for more in a boyfriend. I love you and happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband May 2022

  • Husband, this is your day! Your ONE day – don’t get too excited. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing someone ancient a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy it, husband!
  • You are by far my favorite husband, no one else comes close. Happy birthday husband.
  • Today, I would like to wish the man of my dreams Happy Birthday… but I will settle for you! Happy Birthday, my dear husband!
  • Youth and vitality are words that I think of, when it comes to someone else. Not you, Husband! Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday is important to me, Husband! It means that you are off of the couch, for one day out of the year!
  • You’re the best husband a lady could hope for. Kind, handsome, charming and clever. If only were also tall. Not to worry, 4 out of 5 boxes is not bad at all! Happy Birthday!
  • You should be glad that you have got the most awesome wife in the whole world. I should be your best gift. Happy Birthday Husband.
  • You are such a handsome, loyal and annoying husband. I put that last one in there so you’d know I was telling the truth.
  • When you dance at your birthday party tonight, Husband, do not think about the next day! Live in the moment! It will be less painful! Happy Birthday!
  • When people tell you that you’re growing older, just shut it down and tell them you’re increasing in value. Happy birthday, my handsome husband.
  • Today, my dear husband, you are older and wiser. SO MUCH OLDER and, yeah, kind of wiser… Happy Birthday!
  • Today, husband, you might think that you should go out and party. Ignore those thoughts! You are way too old, and will get lost on the way home! Happy Birthday!
  • To my biggest baby and pain in the ass, but someone I cannot live without, a very happy birthday. I’m very lucky that you’re my husband because you’re very low maintenance.
  • This is the day to accept things…like that I married a very, old man! Happy Birthday, Husband!
  • The whole day I kept planning for your birthday and baked cake for you. Now, it is your turn. Go clean the kitchen and make us dinner. Happy Birthday to you dear hubby.
  • The struggle to put up with each other is a little less on a day like this! Happy Birthday, Husband!
  • Sending my very busy husband a Happy Birthday! That TV is not going to watch itself!
  • People often say that man has pondered his existence, since the beginning of time. I am curious, Husband. Is that what you did? Happy Birthday!
  • Now is the time to let you, my husband, know how I really feel about you! You are okay! Happy Birthday!
  • My love, getting older should not be a big deal… for me! You are another story! Happy Birthday, husband!
  • My dear husband, I was supposed to send sweet wishes, but you are a man who will not be moved. No, literally: I am certain that you are glued to the furniture! Happy Birthday!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the finest husband of all? Oh, it’s not about me, this time, honey. This day is yours! Enjoy it!
  • Marking the date my husband was born and counting all of your gray hairs! Happy Birthday, Love!
  • I’m glad our love has reached a point where we don’t have to hold our farts in any longer in front of each other! Have a super duper happy birthday, my dearest hubby!
  • I wish to God that you become fatty and dark skinned so that other women don’t look at you. Happy Birthday to my handsome husband.
  • I thought husbands are to protect wives from danger. But the irony is I had to protect you from a spider. Such a scared cat. Happy Birthday.
  • I promise to continue to endure your farts for many years to come. Happy birthday dear husband.
  • Husband, your birthday really shows me something! That I married an old man! Enjoy your day!
  • Husband, you serve as an example for many people. I will leave it up to you whether it is a good or bad one! Happy Birthday!
  • Husband, you add so much to our family… mainly loud sounds and strange smells! Happy Birthday!
  • Husband, since it is your birthday, I will not give you a hard time about eating too much and falling asleep on the couch. Tomorrow is another story! Happy Birthday!
  • Husband, on this particular day, you should not be worried about wrinkles! Be more concerned about all of the aches that you are going to feel, later! Happy Birthday!
  • Husband, it is your birthday! Time to celebrate! Or nap. You are old now. You should really just take a nap.
  • Husband, in a marriage, honesty is very important! Today marks the first day of old age! Happy Birthday!
  • Hubby, I am sending you white vanilla kiss with pieces of strength, glaze of joy and sincerity filling. I wish you sweet sweet life! Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday! Today Husband, do nothing! Pretend that it is yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that…
  • Happy Birthday! Husband, you may be another year older, you may have gray hair and forget things, but there is cake and ice cream! And don’t forget the presents!
  • Happy Birthday, husband! You are unbelievable! Not in the way that you might think. I mean it is unbelievable how old you truly are!
  • Happy Birthday, Husband! Now enough with wishing, go mow the lawn!
  • Happy birthday to the world’s luckiest husband, who happens to be married to me! I love you. Hope you have a blast.
  • Happy birthday to the man who did an amazing job choosing a wife!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is as active as I am! No one gets to the fridge faster than you! Best Wishes, Husband!
  • Happy birthday to a phenomenal husband who despite the fact that having kids has over the years ruined my body still thinks I’m sexier than Kim Kardashian!
  • Every year, I am grateful for your birthday! You are so easy to shop for! Happy Birthday, my husband!
  • Dear Husband, I would wish you nothing but the best, but you already have me so there’s nothing to wish! Enjoy your day!
  • Commemorating the date of your existence! Constantly amazed by how little you have done! Happy Birthday, Husband!
  • Celebrating another year of your life with you, Husband! I am exhausted, just thinking about how old you must feel!
  • Being your wife is educational! I now know how much cake one man can consume! Happy Birthday, Husband!
  • Being your wife has been a trip! Never beyond the couch, but oh well! Happy Birthday, Husband!

Funny Birthday Wishes for LGBT/Gay Friends May 2022

Some of the most hilarious birthday wishes are not for your straight friends. Lgbt friends will be more than happy to receive some funny, meaningful birthday wishes that are dedicated just for them! Here are some of the funniest quotes that can be used in a card or on social media when wishing an lgbt friend a happy birthday.  Some of the most hilarious quotes are below

  • I wish you a happy birth-gay and an awesome new queer!
    Happy birthday friend! Sorry, can’t talk long… ok, “bi!”
  • Happy birthday! Not all my friends are gay, only the best ones!
  • It’s your birthday? “Les” go party! Happy birthday!
    Happy birthday to my best friend! We go together like PB & gay!
  • Happy birthday! The best LGBTQ friends aren’t made, they’re born that way!
  • Happy birthday! I’m so excited for your birthday I can’t think “straight!”
  • Let’s be “queer,” I don’t think you’re that old! I don’t care what anyone says! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday friend! They say the greatest present is giving gifts to your friends. You know where I work – I’ll be waiting!
  • Good friends are priceless! For a great trans friend like you, I’d give both nuts! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! I know birthdays aren’t easy, but just remember that “Momma said there’d be ‘gays’ like this!”
  • Still claiming you’re only 29? “Lesbi” honest, I’m not sure people are buying it anymore! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday friend! I’d ask you how old, but I can never get a “straight” answer from you!
  • Happy birthday! You’re the gayest person to ever gay with other gay people that are also gay!
  • I’m so proud it’s your special day that we should throw a parade! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday trans friend! My birthday wish is that you find the best addadicktomy/lopitoffofmy surgeon out there!
  • Let’s Go Birthday Trans! We’re gonna party hard tonight! Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes for Golf Players

Golfers, get ready for a golf themed birthday! It’s not every day that you tell someone their best friend is a putter, or that the sand traps are just pretend bunkers. When your friends and family turn 50, it’s time to give them some crazy golf birthday gifts that they’ll love. And if you’re looking for some funny words to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook, we’ve got you covered.. Here are some funny and clever golf-related birthday wishes for you to enjoy.

  • Happy birthday! Time to par-tee!
  • What are you doing FORE your birthday? I’ve got an idea!
  • Birthdays are like golfing – it’s a lot more fun if you don’t keep count.
  • Happy birdie-day! I know, bad pun (almost as bad as your golf game).
  • You’re not “over the hill”, you’re on the “back nine”. Happy birthday!
  • Hey buddy, let’s go clubbing (golf clubbing that is). Happy birthday!
  • Hope you have a good birthday. If not, take a mulligan and try again tomorrow.
  • One year closer to being eligible for the senior golf league. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday old man! That golf cart is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.
  • Your head’s starting to look more and more like a golf ball – bald and dimpled. Happy birthday!
  • The golf course said that we can have your birthday party by the sand trap. Figured you’d like that since you spend so much time there.
  • You’ve got a better chance of breaking 80 with your age than on the course. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday buddy! Not that we need an excuse, but want to cut off work and go golfing?
  • Your age – the only thing going up faster than your handicap. Happy birthday buddy!
  • Happy birthday! I bought you some new shoes since I heard you got a “hole-in-one” during your last round.