Happy Birthday Mom Wishes and Quotes

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes
Happy Birthday Mom Wishes

There is no woman in your life who comes close to being as critical as your mother so why is it often so tough to say “Happy birthday mom” in a manner that sums up everything she’s done for us? It can seem daunting, and you are not alone if you just can’t find the words to convey to celebrate your mommy’s birthday. However, whether your mother is vibrant and talkative or reserved and intellectual, here are some amazing and original birthday wishes to express a happy birthday mother. After all, she deserves the best.

Think of all the sacrifices your mom has made for you in the last year alone. Pretty big right? Make sure that you read through them so that you can choose a birthday message for your mom that really speaks to her in a deep and lovely manner. Moms (like Dads) often have very long memories when it comes to birthdays and big events so make it good!

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10 Best Birthday Wishes for Mom

Choosing the Ideal Birthday Quotes for Mom: Think about some of your greatest memories and build from there — often this is the ideal method to wish happy birthday to your mom, although there are loads of other suggestions to come also. Think of not only your favorite memory together, but what you heard from her. Write it to the back of your favorite photograph of that time together.

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Happy birthday mom – remember this moment? This is when you taught me how to be confident.

Mom, since having kids of my own, I know now more than ever how hard you worked. Thank you, and happy bday mom!

Mom, today I’m gonna cook you the casserole we first learned together. Relax and enjoy your birthday!

I couldn’t ask for a better mother than you. Happy Birthday

A mother’s birthday is when her children get to give something back. Today, we’ll make sure you don’t lift a finger!

Happy bday – hope it all goes smooth as your black morning coffee, mom. Love you!

Hope the morning birds sang nice for you today of all days mom! Happy birthday and lots of love.

Another year older and never a wrinkle to show for it! Enjoy your birthday mom!

Another year wiser, mom – my greatest teacher! Happy birthday to the family genius.

Hey mom! We baked your birthday cake this year – never gonna be as good as yours, but we hope you like it. Happy birthday!

Mom, it’s your birthday – please let us take care of you for a change!

Not all moms love their pets as much as their kids – but for your birthday this year, it’s kisses from us and licks and waggy tails from your four legged ‘secret child’!

Happy birthday mom – we checked the dictionary, and no words can sum up your awesomeness!

Happy birthday mom – you might have noticed how lavish my card is this year. My birthday is next. Just saying.

This is the one day of the year when anything you say goes, mom! Happy birthday!

I wish I could be half as patient and kind as you mom. Please enjoy your special day.

King, Dickens, Keats, Byron – they’d all get writer’s block trying to write you the perfect birthday message. I love you mom!

Happy Birthday Mom – Emotional Birthday Quotes

Your mother’s birthday is an occasion that crops up just once annually, and if there is any reason to open your heart, then it is today. If you want some motivation to make a thought about the importance of this day, think it in this way. Your existence is all because of your mother. Clearly your daddy had something to do with this also but the relationship you have with your mother is completely unique.

Quite simply place — you wouldn’t be reading this right now if it weren’t to your mom. Bear this in mind and it ought to help you select a really unique and loving birthday message that really speaks to your own heart. There are loads of choices here to really let your mother know why she means a lot to you personally, particularly on her birthday.

Hey mom, I found all your favorite flowers, and I hope they brighten up your big day. Happy birthday!

Mom, you’ve always been there even when nobody else could be. I’m so thankful for you. Happy birthday, with all my love.

Mom – and thank you for everything you do. I hope one day I’m even half as brave and strong as you are.

Hey mom, we’ve been through a lot – but I wish you only sunny days and big smiles from here on out. I love you.

When everything seems lost, you’re my guiding light mom. I love you.

 When the Lord was handing out mothers, he fixed me up with the best. You’re my inspiration in all things. Enjoy your big day!

I’m amazed every day by your courage and honesty, mom. Happy birthday – enjoy it!

Mom, and thank you for always being there no matter how bleak it got.

We went through so much this year mom. Happy birthday. I’m always here for you.

Happy birthday mom. I miss your home cooking! But tonight, let us cook for you instead.

When we were kids, I woke up one morning at that cabin by the lake and saw you smiling at the sunrise, alone, content. I hope you feel that same inner peace and contentment always.

There are no words in either of the languages we speak to tell you how much you mean to me, mom. Happy birthday!

Every mom is a work of art, but you’re a masterpiece. Happy birthday!

Every time I get scared, I remember what you taught me. I’m a better person for your wisdom, mom. Happy birthday.

Mom, I love you more than there are grains of sand in the Sahara. Happy birthday!

Mom, I know you’ve been through a lot this year, but I’ve seen you overcome far worse. I’m with you every step, and I love you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a beloved mother – the beating heart of a family that’s all the better for being yours. We love you.

A mother’s love is eternal, but so too is that of her children. You’re always in our thoughts, mom, even if we don’t always show it. Happy birthday.

On this day, the world once welcomed a woman who’d go on to inspire and motivate not just her family, but all who know her. Happy birthday to an amazing, talented, beautiful mom.

Not everyone gets lucky – not everyone gets a mother who is always there, always ready to help and to nurture. I count myself blessed – and God bless you today and always, mom.

Every family has their ups and downs, but you’re always there to help lift our spirits. We love you mom – happy birthday.

I owe every breath I take to you, mom – I’ll never forget all you’ve done for me. Happy birthday.

I’ve always held that close to my heart, mom, and I hope you’ll likewise remember today just as fondly years from now. Happy birthday.

Thank you for teaching me to make every moment count – and let’s make this one just as special. Happy birthday to an incredible mom!

Words can’t express what you’ve been through to make us as happy and lucky as we are today. Happy birthday. I love you.

All the wealth in the world can’t buy good parents, and that makes me the richest person alive. Enjoy your birthday mom!

 Happy birthday mom – I’ve put all my love in this card, and in every card to come for years and years. You’re the greatest!

The more I grow, the more I realize just how right you were about everything. I hope I can be even half the parent you were some day mom. Happy birthday, and all my love!

Today we celebrate an amazing woman, who’s given everything she has and never asked for a dime back. You’re the best, mom – never forget that! Happy birthday.

You get more beautiful every birthday, mom. I hope you never lose sight of that spark of magic inside of you. Happy birthday!

We’d be lost without you mom. You’re the glue that binds us together, but today’s the day to put yourself first. Have an amazing birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from a Son

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from a Son
Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from a Son

You know what they say — like father, like son. But nobody can deny that a mother plays equally as vital a part in forming sprightly lads into distinguished young guys. No matter what is your age, you are still a child for your mother. Along with that, it is also the fact that you are here. It reveals you are eager to make sure that she has the wonderful birthday wishes that she deserves. Below are a lot of amazing birthday messages mother if you are lost for words.

I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without you, mom. Have a fantastic birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

I owe so much of my integrity today to you, mom. Happy birthday, and all my love.

HBD messages from a Son

All those bedtime stories, all those times you looked after me when I was sick – thank you, mom. Enjoy your special day today.

HBD messages from a Son

Still can’t beat your home cooking, mom! But there’s no need to lift a finger in that kitchen today. Happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

Happy birthday mom – thank you for helping me to always remember a real man has a big heart. I love you.

HBD messages from a Son

Let’s make this a memorable day for our beloved mother – you’ve helped us all so much. Happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

How do I put into words how much you’ve done for me, mom? Thank you for everything – it’s your turn to be spoiled today. Happy birthday.

HBD messages from a Son

Hey mom – afraid I still don’t fold my laundry, but at least I do great gifts! Enjoy this one, and have an awesome birthday.

HBD messages from a Son

You give the best hugs – hope these words make you feel just as warm and cozy. Happy birthday mom!

HBD messages from a Son

Finding the right words never did come easy, but you’re one in a million mom!

Just relax today and let us handle things mom – you’ve raised me well, and I love you. Happy birthday.

HBD messages from a Son

I think about our good times every day, and I hope we get a million more. Have a fantastic birthday, mom.

HBD messages from a Son

Growing up is never easy, but I now know just how much you kept us all safe and happy. Enjoy your big day, mom – you deserve it!

HBD messages from a Son

You’re the best, mom – I’m proud to be your son! Happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

Remember that time by the coast you stopped my kite blowing away? You’re not just my mom, you’re my hero! Happy birthday.

HBD messages from a Son

Thanks to you, I know to always do my best and stick to my principles. You’re an inspiration as much as you’re my mom – happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

I guess I still don’t always wash behind my ears, mom – but I hope I turned out OK in your eyes. I love you so much – have a great birthday.

HBD messages from a Son

Every birthday you get a little more amazing, and this year’s no exception. Happy birthday mom.

HBD messages from a Son

Mom – thank you for teaching me how family values are at the heart of everything. I’m a family man first and a businessman second, thanks to your guidance.

HBD messages from a Son

You’ve always been there for me mom, and I promise I’ll always stand by you too. Happy birthday, with love from your son.

HBD messages from a Son

Today we’re celebrating an incredible lady, who’s made me the man I am today. Happy bday mom – make it a good one!

HBD messages from a Son

It’s a son’s job to do his mother proud, but I know in my heart I couldn’t be more proud of being yours. Enjoy your special day mom!

HBD messages from a Son

I might not have always shown it, but I’ve come to learn your rules were the best rules. Happy birthday to a wise and level headed lady!

HBD messages from a Son

If moms were lottery tickets, this guy wold have won the jackpot. You’re beyond the best mom, and I hope your birthday is too!

HBD messages from a Son

Our children seem more like you every day, and I’m a lucky man because of that. Happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

What’s a guy meant to get the woman who’s got it all?! Hope your birthday goes your way mom – sending you all my love.

HBD messages from a Son

Hey mom, remember those parties you threw for me growing up? You always worked so hard. Please take it easy for your birthday – this guy’s throwing you a party this time!

HBD messages from a Son

Happy birthday mom, and all my love for the big day. Your boy’s still got a big appetite, but don’t you fret – you’re coming for dinner with us!

HBD messages from a Son

I used to be such a young, angry, hot-headed guy, but you steered me right. That can’t have been easy, but thank you for your patience and kindness mom. Happy birthday!

HBD messages from a Son

Happy birthday to a beloved mother, from a loyal son. Make today special, because you deserve it!

HBD messages from a Son

Happy Birthday Mom from a Daughter

Happy Birthday Mom from a Daughter
Happy Birthday Mom from a Daughter

Regardless of your age, your mum’s birthday is always a significant moment. Mothers are angels, authentic gifts from God, who protect and guide their children. That is the reason why they deserve the most cordial wishes and greetings, the many heartwarming quotes and messages along with the most tender hugs. Understand how many tough situations she moved for the sake of your pleasure and how much she has sacrificed for you. Thus, congratulate her via heartfelt messages would be the very least you can do.

Do not know exactly what to say to your mother on her birthday? Check out these happy birthday mom quotes and messages. They’ll allow you to convey your gratitude and love. You might look through our listing of adorable happy birthday mother quotes to get inspired. Not only can you find creative wishes to say “happy birthday to the best mom in the world“, but also cheerful birthday messages which will be helpful for all of the daughters out there who ran out of ideas of greetings to write in a birthday card on their mother’s special day.

Your birthday has helped me realize that connection we will always share – and that I’ll always treasure. Happy birthday to an incredible mom.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

I learned from the best when it comes to cooking, but I’m still not a patch on you. Still gonna cook for you for your birthday though, so enjoy it!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mom – make sure you put your feet up today, because tomorrow we are hitting some serious sales, all on me!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

There’s so much pressure on women these days, but you’ve taught me how to believe in myself and keep a level head. I love you mom, happy birthday.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

I still chuckle thinking about the time you first caught me putting on your make up. Happy birthday mom – your next makeover is on me!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but I couldn’t be happier with you as my mom. Happy bday!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

 I love you more than there are stars in the Milky Way, mom – you’re seriously the best. Happy birthday!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mother, or is it happy birthday superstar chef?! Meanwhile, I can barely put together a bowl of cereal! What’s your secret?

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Thank you for teaching me the real things that matter, mom – like you. Happy birthday and all my love.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Another year older but still so stylish! Happy birthday mom – make sure you treat yourself!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Seeing you smile every day keeps me strong, and I hope today’s grin is bigger than ever! My inspiring, upbeat mom – happy birthday to you!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

I love you mom, with all my heart and soul. Don’t ever forget it, just like

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

I’ve never forgotten all you’ve helped me to become. Happy birthday.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

They say you make your own luck, but I definitely struck it lucky being your daughter. Hope you have an amazing birthday mom – I love you.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

You’re the sweetest mom I’ve ever met, and even better for being MY mom! Enjoy your birthday – we’re all here to dote on you this time round.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Love and kisses today to a wonderful mother – happy birthday, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Hey mom, every day I try to teach my kids the same values you taught us. Happy birthday and all my love – and thank you for inspiring me so much.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

There are tons of things money can’t buy, and my mom is the best of those. Have an awesome birthday, my priceless mom!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday to a special woman who’s not just my mother, but also my best friend. I love you!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mom – let these words wash over you just like the warm water of the spa baths we’re gonna be heading to next weekend. Surprise!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mom – thanks for giving me your eyes! Sorry I used to use them to get my way so much when I was a kid…

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Beloved mother, you’re always on my mind when I feel lost and in need of advice. Your words remain deep inside me, always guiding me through trouble. Happy birthday.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

How about next birthday we head back to Paris, mom? Hope you’re not so busy daydreaming about that that you forget to enjoy today though! Happy birthday.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mom, and thank you for being the one person I can always talk to without feeling judged. You’re amazing and I love you.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday mom! Thanks for all your help this year – and sorry for all those times I didn’t listen.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Love and light on your birthday, mom – yours is a beautiful, wise and inspiring soul.

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy birthday to a mom who’s sweeter than any birthday cake. You up for a cheat day with your girl?!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Hey, did you hear the rumor? It’s a fabulous mom’s birthday – and she’s got a fabulous daughter taking her to lunch!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Every birthday I’m even more grateful to be your daughter. You’re the absolute best, mom, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

H.B.D wishes from a Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom in Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom in Heaven
Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom in Heaven

It’s your mother’s birthday and she’s no more with you. She’s in Heaven. It really isn’t easy to live without mother because she had been your main support who loved you unconditionally and concerned about you every moment. She had been the person who cared for you with all her attempts for her entire life. Perhaps heaven is the far better location for her today.

You ought to be missing her since it’s the birthday of your mom and this day really valuable for you than every other day. You ought to be missing those minutes that you spent together with your mom on each of her birthdays during her life. Well, that is truly heartbreaking that she’s not with you personally. But the happiest moments are in mind and recall those memories you had with her.

We’ve gathered and created an inventory of Birthday Wishes For Mother In Heaven that are full of amazing words that you want to express to your mom in heaven. You may post one or more of these in your FB feed to let everybody know that it is your mum’s birthday. You may share these quotes at your WhatsApp too. Scroll down to proceed through the list and select one of those messages for the birthday of the mother in paradise.

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Passed along but never forgotten – happy birthday to a beloved mother and a guiding light to a loving family left behind.

Happy birthday mom, and sleep tight. Our thoughts are always with you.

On this day our mom’s life first began, and she spent it tirelessly helping us all become who we are today. God bless you mom.

Thoughts and prayers go to our mom today, who would have been celebrating her birthday with us today. We give our best wishes to her in Heaven.

 Happy birthday mother, always so present in our thoughts. No gift we give can match what you gave us in life.

Wishing a very happy birthday to our mom in Heaven. We hope you’re proud of all we’ve accomplished since we lost you.

In life, you had so much vitality – especially on birthdays. Miss you so much, mom. Happy birthday.

 Mom, losing you broke our hearts, but we take comfort knowing you are at peace. Today’s your birthday, and we wish you nothing but love.

Happy birthday mom, from us and your grandchildren. We’re all better people for your love and kindness, and we hope it’s what you’re getting now in the hereafter.

In a crazy world that so often doesn’t make sense, you were my one voice of reason. I miss you mom, but happy birthday, wherever you are.

My mom was the most wonderful, patient and considerate women I have ever known. Today was her birthday, and even now she’s gone, I can still see her smiling.

My beloved mother, happy birthday – my thoughts are always with you.

 My heart aches today, because it’s my mother’s birthday and she’s lost to us. But I can’t help but smile imagining what she’d tell me if she was here – to buck up and put on a brave face!

Happy birthday mom – gone, but never forgotten.

Today’s your birthday mom, and I still hear your advice in everything I do. You’re never far from me, not really. I love you.

In Latin they say ‘memento mori’ – to remember that you’re going to die. But today, on my mom’s birthday, I want to thank her for teaching us all how to live.

Another year, another birthday for my mom. Still can’t believe you’re gone – but you’re always but a memory and a smile to myself away.

Every year for my mom’s birthday, we all go down and put fresh flowers by her headstone. Hope you’re smiling down on us all, mom.

All those moms out there can’t hold a candle to mine – rest in peace, and happy birthday.

Every time my mom’s birthday comes around, I think about what she’d say about the world we live in today. I think she’d knock some sense into all of us!

Happy birthday mom, and thank you for continuing to smile down on us all from your cloud.

Birthdays are always when we miss mom the most. Sending all our love for your birthday today mom.

Knowing your mom is in a better place doesn’t mean we forget the days that matter. Happy birthday to a beloved mother.

Sometimes the stars shine extra bright since you’ve been gone, mom – I hope that’s the case on this special night too. Happy birthday.

Today’s mom’s birthday, and we’ll be laying her a place at the dinner table. Miss you, love you.

It’s mom’s birthday today. She used to have a sherry each birthday when she was still with her – we’ll toast her with some each tonight.

Sending birthday wishes to heaven for an amazing mom. We have all been so enriched by knowing you.

 So close, yet so out of reach. Happy birthday to you, mom – you’re deeply missed.

I love you mom, and you’re no longer being here will never change that. Happy birthday, and thank you for everything you sacrificed to help me be strong today.

Wishing a happy birthday to my mom, who despite being lost to us, lives on in each of us too.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom
Funny Happy Birthday Wishes to Mom

Your mom was the first person to teach you how to laugh and grin. As her birthday approaches, use the perfect Funny Birthday Wishes to make her smile on her special day!

Your mom has always been among the most loving and best parts of your life, from your first memory. She has always gone out of her way to make you happy, so do your best to fill her birthday with love, fun and happiness. With the ideal Funny Birthday Wishes, you can show your mother how much you adore her and make this a birthday she’ll never forget!

The most significant part of your mother’s birthday celebration is finding the best Funny Birthday Wishes for Mother. Your mother always does whatever she can to make your birthday unforgettable, so do your best to make a birthday party she will love and remember. By sharing Funny Birthday Wishes for Mother, you are able to show your mother how much you love her and respect for whatever she doesfor you. Look through our best selection to find the fantastic Funny Birthday Wishes today!

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Mom, you’re such a hipster that I’ve no choice but to wish you happy birthday before it was cool. Hashtag #happybirthdaymom!

Ugh, some kids only ever do things to get in their mom’s good books. Happy birthday! In unrelated news, can I borrow some money?

For your birthday, mom, I haven’t got you any presents so much as my presence. You’re welcome!

Oh  man, birthday cakes these days are delicious. Sorry mom – the drive down was so brutal and we all got super hungry…

Happy birthday mom – now, I want you back in bed by 10:30 and no drunken funny business while you’re under my roof!

Hey mom, you’re going out for your birthday? Not dressed like THAT you’re not, young lady!

 Happy birthday mom – hey, did you know the Queen of England celebrates two birthdays? Just… don’t get any ideas.

Have an amazing birthday mom – and please remember how amazing today was when you’re planning my own birthday gift, OK?

Just the one birthday drink for you mom, we all know what an angry drunk you are!

Hi mom, happy birthday. OK, can we go now?

Huh? Is there something special that’s happening today? Nothing rings a bell so far.

Happy birthday mom! Notice how sincerely I say that compared to my siblings?

I know moms don’t pick favorites, but happy birthday from your best kid.

Here’s a birthday gift for you mom, and a six pack of beers for dad for putting up with you.

Happy birthday mom – you better not throw any tantrums this year!

Hey mom, wait until you see the strippagram showing up for birthday dinner.

Mom, remember those embarrassing family snaps of us you get out each birthday? Well, this year we got you a surprise…

Happy birthday mom! I’d say I’m delighted at having to drive all the way down here, but you raised me never to lie.

Happy birthday mom – but can we do this over Skype next year?

We can play some of your music for your birthday mom, but you gotta promise not to dance like dad.

Happy birthday mom – let me handle all the dishes today. You can make it up to me the rest of the year.

Dearest mom, may your birthday give you the gift of giving. Such as, to me!

Happy birthday to you, Mom – I’d sing it to you, but knowing my voice, I’d just crack your glasses.

Hey mom, they say that the calories you eat on your birthday don’t count. Reckon that goes for what we kids eat too?

It’s your birthday mom, so lay back on the couch and put your feet up. Then budge up so I can join you and we can make dad do everything.

Let’s toast to your birthday, mom. Where do you keep the bread and butter?

Happy birthday mom – perfect, gorgeous, smart, inspiring… but enough about me, this is your day after all.

Happy birthday mom. Did you know that some Caribbean islands mark birthdays by throwing flour at the person celebrating it? Anyway, hold still….

Happy birthday mom – your cake this year is kind of a build your own kit, hope that’s cool.

Happy birthday mom! Say, if you don’t like your gift, can I keep it?

Mom, for your birthday this year, I thought I’d give you your gift in the form of interpretive dance.

Happy bday mom! I’ve been extra generous so I guess I can give Christmas a pass this year?

Happy birthday mom – or so Facebook says I should say!

Hey mom, been talking to dad – he thinks we ought to cancel your birthday and reschedule his to today instead?

Happy birthday mom – we’re giving you twice as good a birthday this year to save us all some hassle next year, hope that’s OK?

Happy whatever mom, where’s the cake?!

Hey Mom, in rural Germany they make people sweep the steps of the town hall on their birthday. So yeah… the mayor just called….

Happy Birthday Mom Messages and Famous Quotes

Happy Birthday Mom Messages and Famous Quotes
Happy Birthday Mom Messages and Famous Quotes

Every mother deserves to feel valued and loved on her special day. From her boundless patience for her endless support, you will find many things to be thankful to your mother for. If you’re trying hard to locate just the ideal means to communicate the depth of your gratitude and love, below are a few ways to say happy birthday Mother to inspire you. Whether she’s sweet, stern, loving or angry, ideally, there’s a message which resonates with you.

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Jennifer Lopez once said that kids don’t do what you say, they do what you do – so thanks for always setting such a good example mom! Happy birthday.

 Many happy returns to you on your big day – a special mother, a firm friend and impossible to replace.

Comedian Tina Fey said motherhood made her as tired as it did happy. So relax today mom – it’s your birthday!

Yo mommy, it’s your birthday! We gonna party like it’s your birthday!

Coco Chanel says a woman should be two things – who and what she wants. Happy birthday mom – I’ll love you whoever you choose to be!

Mark Twain said a birthday is all mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Have an awesome birthday, mom!

Picasso said it takes a long time to grow young  – you’re another step closer Mom!

Happy birthday mom – you’re as young as you feel!

Happy birthday mom – you’re maturing like a fine wine.

Oprah once said the more you celebrate life, the more of your life is worth celebrating. Hope you have the best birthday ever, mom!

Marie Antoinette said we should eat cake – pretty good birthday advice, huh mom?

They say the more birthdays we have, the more cake we can have. Happy birthday mom!

Happy birthday, beloved mother – may you always remain old enough to know best, but young at heart enough to misbehave anyway!

Audrey Hepburn once said the happiest girls are the prettiest – so you’re the most beautiful woman I know, mom. Happy birthday!

The best things in life are free, and that’s what makes my time with you so amazing. Happy birthday, mom!

Shakespeare once said to go wisely and slowly – thank you for teaching me patience, mom. Happy birthday.

Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – but my mom is a 100% genius! Happy birthday!

They say you should shoot for the moon, if only to land among the stars. Happy birthday mom, and thank you for giving me the courage to follow my dreams.

Happy birthday, mom – be good, and if you can’t be good, be lucky!

Mom, your love keeps lifting me higher – and I hope the love of your family does for you too, on this special day.

Bob Ross once said there are only happy accidents, no mistakes – and that’s never more true than of you,  my mom and work of art. I love you, happy birthday.

Mom, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways – happy birthday!

Roses are red, violets are blue – today, mom, we say, happy birthday to you!

Nothing in this world is greater than a mother’s love. I’m thankful for yours every day – happy birthday to an amazing mother.

Mom knows best – and I hope this is the best birthday ever for you!

I don’t always show how much I love you mom, but today’s the day it all comes out. Happy birthday and God bless.

Keep calm and carry on… celebrating an awesome mom! Happy birthday!

I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words – how wonderful mom is, who lights up my world!

Thanks for always being there, always showing support and always standing by me. Happy birthday mom.

Every day, in every way, you’re the most motivating person I know. I love you mom – happy birthday.

Not everyone ages as gracefully as you, mom – happy birthday.

Mom, you are my sunshine – happy birthday, and don’t stop shining, no matter what.

I’ll never forget the lessons you’ve taught me – happy birthday mom! I love you so much.

Not all heroes wear capes – and you’re the bravest hero I know. Happy bday mom!

Whether we’re side by side or a thousand miles apart, I know you’re always there. Happy birthday mom.

Never forget you mean to us all, mom. You’re what keeps us going. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday mom – I hope I look even half as good as you when I’m your age!

Sugar, spice and everything nice – that’s what awesome moms are made of! Happy birthday!

We’re cut from the same cloth, mom – happy birthday, and make the most of your special day!

Mom, you’re the best, and I love you. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

Happy Birthday Poems for Mother
Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

Happy Birthday Poems for Mother: Your mother has worked tirelessly daily, week, month and year of her life once you’re born — just to ensure you have the childhood that you deserve. Make it up to her by being a loving kid she deserves. Leave your greeting on the kitchen seat at the night prior to your mother’s birthday so it is the first thing she sees in the afternoon. Surprise her by fixing her breakfast and do not forget to take lots of adorable and funny pictures. Post the images on her Facebook and Instagram so she can get some bragging rights about how cool and loving her kids really are. Pamper her all day long so that your mom’s birthday becomes a memory that will remain within her heart forever.

Thanks for giving me such a great life

You’re a caring mother and a loving wife

Much love to you on this day

Bless your heart in every way

You watched me during my childhood

Making sure things would turn out as it should

I know a poem does not suffice

Each promise and every sacrifice

I’ll give you what you’ve given me

By being the best that I can be

Thank you for being honest and true

Your daughter will never stop loving you

As Mother’s go you’re truly the best.

About as special as they come.

There’s no-one else in the whole wide world

quite like my super smashing Mum!

You’ve raised my spirits often

when I have felt depressed,

supported and encouraged me

when life has got me stressed.

For everything you’ve done for me

and all that you still do,

I want you to know, Mum,

just how much I Love You.

Always there to lend a hand

You’re groovy and you’re great.

You really are a superstar-

a marvellous Mum and mate!

When it comes to Mothers

and there’s lots of them about.

But your the very very best

Of that there is no doubt.

Thanks, Mom for always being there

For showing me such love and care.

Thanks for all you’ve done and do

How I turned out is down to you
I love you

Have a lovely birthday